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    Mar 24 2006

    I'm going to start doing the occasional Website Review. Consider yourself warned. I figure it's worth taking a look at the good and bad parts of other sites so we can all learn from their successes and mistakes.

    I'll mostly be focusing on design and usability, usage of web technologies (ie. HTML, JavaScript and CSS) and whatever else strikes me as interesting and unique.

    If you have a site you'd like me to review, let me know.

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    1. Joe at 12:21pm on March 24, 2006

    Hey Jesse,

    You already know my blog, but I would be interested in finding out what is right or wrong with my Website.

    I tried to set up Google sitemaps, and keep running into problems.  (No RSS either).

    If you want a challenge...



    2. Mark McDonnell at 8:31am on March 25, 2006

    Hey Jesse,

    Take a look at http://www.connectingworlds.org.uk/ and let me know your thoughts?


    3. Mark McDonnell at 8:35am on March 25, 2006

    Note added for the above comment

    The first page of the site was not part of the original website build.

    I was added as an after thought at the clients request.

    It was a quick rushed job which I had about 30mins to build nearing 10:45pm at night after 5 12hr days so please appreciate that it has some inline styles thrown in there rather than separated into a style sheet >> im guilty of just being tired as hell when we added this page.

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