• Was this link useful?

    Dec 6 2006

    I had a bit of a shock this morning. I was logged in to Google, doing a normal search thing.. you know, click a link, click back, and then WHAM:

    Google asks: Was this link useful?

    Crazy times we're living in. Now, I don't even need to tell you how this will affect Search Engine Optimization. Now there's a whole new technique those black hat marketing people can use to make their pages rank higher: Make them more useful!

    Update: It seems pretty random. It disappeared on google.com even when I was logged in, but then it showed up when I was on google.ca and wasn't signed in. I guess it'll just be a random thing like moderation on Slashdot?

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    1. Jeriko One at 3:51pm on December 6, 2006

    Is it reproduceable? I tried it with the same link, no question for me. Or maybe Google just does some testing here and then...

    2. Jesse Skinner at 3:55pm on December 6, 2006

    Were you signed in to Google? If so, I guess it's possible they're just testing it out with a random selection of users...

    3. Kel at 4:31pm on December 6, 2006

    Yah.. they've apparently been playing at it since november-ish.

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