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    Dec 7 2006

    Joe tagged me. So now I have to tell you 5 things that the blogosphere doesn't know about me.

    I know, these things are totally boring, and you didn't come here to learn about my pets, so I'll try to keep them slightly interesting and on topic:

    1. I ran a number of BBSes from 1993-1995. They were called "The Dreaming" and "Pepperland", and my handles were "Morpheus", "Zippo" and "Fone Bone".

    2. When the Internet came out, I thought it was just another crappy network for "lamers", something like AOL or CompuServe, and hoped it would go away. After a while I gave up and jumped on the bandwagon.

    3. The first web page I made was in 1995 (Grade 10). It was a one-page psychedelic propaganda page for a hippie cult I was trying to start called "The Mellow Revolution". It was hosted on Tripod, but it doesn't exist anymore.

    4. My mom has one of the most successful quilt web sites on the Internet called Victoriana Quilt Designs. When I tell people this, they assume I made it for her. In fact, I only taught her how to use FrontPage one day and she did all the rest by herself (okay, I helped her integrate PayPal and add login security, but that's about it).

    5. I've climbed up and stood on one of the pyramids in Cairo. If you don't believe me, here's proof.

    Well, I hoped I didn't bore you to death. Now I'm supposed to tag 5 other bloggers and see if they actually find out, give a crap, and follow through with a list. Tag, Emil Stenström, Roger Johansson, Tara Hunt, Mike Papageorge, and Dan Webb, you're it.

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    1. Emil Stenström at 4:13pm on December 11, 2006

    Hi! Sorry, but I'm trying to act all professional nowadays, I can't have secrets spread all over the place :) So I'll just keep mine for a while longer...

    Nice to read yours though :P

    2. Jesse Skinner at 4:25pm on December 11, 2006

    No worries, Emil. To be honest, I didn't expect anybody to follow through with their secrets. I can't say I've ever seen you, Roger, Tara, Mike or Dan ever post a blog Meme. And that's probably a good thing. :)

    3. Emil Stenström at 3:04am on December 17, 2006

    Well, I've done it once :) It's the kind of thing I do it everyone else is doing it. Little silly I guess :)

    4. Tracy at 12:36pm on January 5, 2007

    i think your site is pretty cool

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