• Hallelujah! IE8 Passes the Acid2 Test

    Dec 20 2007

    We thought this day would never come: Internet Explorer 8 now renders the "Acid2 Face" correctly in IE8 standards mode!

    Apparently we can expect to see Internet Explorer 8 in at least Beta form in early 2008. According to the IE blog:

    The key goal (for the Web Standards Project as well as many other groups and individuals) is interoperability. As a developer, I’d prefer to not have to write the same site multiple times for different browsers. Standards are a (critical!) means to this end, and we focus on the standards that will help actual, real-world interoperability the most.

    Sounds like the IE team has finally seen the light! :)

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    1. Rob at 8:26pm on January 12, 2008

    IE8 DOES NOT PASS ACID2.  It only "renders" the smiley face using a doctored, offline version of the actual test.  iow, Microsoft smoke and mirrors.  IE8 cannot and does not pass the actual Acid2 test.

    2. minil at 5:25am on June 25, 2009

    Last week i downloaded IE8. Its looks gud.

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