• Free Horoscope Daily

    Sep 11 2005

    I just launched a real simple web site, Free Horoscope Daily with my father. It contains free, daily horoscopes, and nothing else. I was sick of all the clutter that ends up on horoscope web sites, and wanted to make one that was simple and good. It may grow in the future, but right now I like it how it is.

    Please, I'd love to hear your feedback. Drop me an email if you have something to suggest or that you'd like to see.

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    1. rajesh wadhawan at 6:33am on May 29, 2007

    where is my end
    i have lost my house
    i could not understand my wife

    2. preetha at 2:06pm on June 3, 2007

    aboyt my future marriage

    3. julie at 2:20pm on August 6, 2007

    will my step son be living with us

    4. kalpna at 10:27am on October 21, 2007

    when will i marry .i want to marry eith the person i love his name is anshul.actually  b'coz of some misunderstandings  we seperate.

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