• Finding a job as a web professional

    Aug 17 2006

    If you're a web professional looking for a job, or looking to find a better job, there are some really great job boards to keep an eye on:

    • 37signals Job Board

      This is a great site to find some of the best jobs out there. Many of them are looking for Rails developers, but there are other development, design and management jobs. Plus, I think it's a good sign when a company knows about 37signals.

    • jobs.rubynow.com

      Certainly the best place to find a Ruby On Rails job. There's new postings nearly every day.

    • Vitamin Job Board

      There's a nice variety of web professional jobs posted here, though mostly centred around development.

    • CSS Beauty

      If you're passionate about web standards and semantic markup, there's probably a good job for you on here. I bet it would be nice to work in a company where you don't have to convince anyone about the benefits of web standards.

    • craigslist

      If you know the city you want to work in, Craigslist is a great place to look for a job. It doesn't have every job, but in my experience the companies that post on there tend to be at least a little hip. The squares probably haven't even heard of craigslist.

    • Indeed

      Indeed's like the coolest job search out there. You can put together a complex search string and search across a number of job boards (including craigslist). Then, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for that search. This can be really great if you want to specialize in a particular technology or filter out all jobs mentioning ASP.NET.

    When looking for a job, it helps if you either live in a great location like California, New York or London, or you're willing to relocate. Who knows, though, maybe your dream job is just around the corner.

    I think all of these job boards have RSS available, so you can just subscribe now and keep an eye on the results while you mull over quitting your current job.

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    1. lewis litanzios at 8:16am on March 20, 2008

    http://www.craigslist.org/ - for the update.

    thanks jesse, really useful for an undergrad like myself.

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