• Do It Now

    Nov 29 2005

    Talk about synchronicities. The day after I linked to some motivation quotes, my favourite blogger, Steve Pavlina, puts up a new article entitled Do It Now. It's 8000 words, so if you have some time now give it a read, or you might want to bookmark it for later. Steve's writing is a pleasure to read, and he written many great points on personal motivation and productivity in the past that he has seemed to incorporate into this article.

    It's also worth mentioning that Steve has recently managed to change his sleeping habits and become a polyphasic sleeper. This means he sleeps for 25 minutes every 4 hours (a total of less than 3 hours a day!) If you're at all interested in this, go check out his journal logs and the rest of his website.

    [Update: The synchronicities didn't stop there. I just noticed that on Success Begins Today, John updated his earlier motivation post with a followup entitled Success: Just Do It. It must be Determination Week!]

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