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    Oct 23 2005

    I finally got around to adding comments to the site. Feel free to test them out if you like. No html is supported..that is, everything will be converted to HTML entities. There is no preview or edit. It's pretty basic stuff. I guess that's the problem with writing my own blog code.. I never get around to adding the most basic of features. At least now you can comment on the lack of features :)

    And on an unrelated note, I put the design back to the original one. The new one was a bit too boring I think. I'm not sure when I'll change it again...

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    1. Jesse Skinner at 5:06am on October 24, 2005

    Feel free to test it out yourself

    2. Dave at 2:14am on July 18, 2008

    hellow.. just ask about how can i put like this comment bar to my blog?..

    any code please...

    thankyouh in advance...

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