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    Aug 13 2006

    Pretty much the only comment/form spam I get is of the variety that ends with:

    Best site in bleep! My thnx to webmasters.

    The rest of the message is usually different. Two recent examples are "Excellent site you have! Awesome content. Thank you." and "Thanks for nice and actual info' Be the Best!". These examples don't have any URLs in them, but many often do. I suspect the ones without URLs are a sort of ping/robot system that is going around testing for new places to submit.

    The "From:" address is fairly consistent as well. It's nearly always from a mail.com address, though there are exceptions such as a recent one that came from Bush@yandex.com.

    What is this spam?? A search on Google only comes up with fellow blogger John Bokma's site, plus 37,800 other pages probably containing actual comment spam. John has logged a ton of different URLs and IP addresses of this spammer (nicknamed "Bleep"), and has concluded Bleep is actually comprised of a small botnet. He also describes Google's apparent inaction towards stopping this spammer on Blogspot.

    I have a theory that Bleep isn't just a single spammer, but perhaps the default output of some kind of comment spam software used by hundreds of different spammers.

    I'm rather interested to get my hands on some comment spam software - not to actually spam but just to see how the thing works to get some ideas of how to fight comment spam - but it seems impossible to find it. Searching on "comment spam" just brings up web pages against spam. Plus, I'm pretty sure whoever writes the software wouldn't name it "Comment Spam 2000" or something. It probably has a name like "Web Advertiser 2000" that makes it sound not-so-evil.

    Does anyone have any info on this Bleep bot? Or any ideas of where I can find comment-spamming software?

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    1. Alberen at 3:18am on August 14, 2006

    Here's what I came up with in a few minutes. Looks like two sales letters and someone who might really know.

    http://www.spamhuntress.com/  (Maybe she can help.

    2. Jesse Skinner at 5:06am on August 14, 2006

    Thanks a lot, Alberen. I just realised I'm sure as hell not going to give  to a spam software company. But now we have a good target for egg throwing. :)

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