• addDOMLoadEvent Revisited

    Aug 14 2007

    I've gone back and reworked addDOMLoadEvent. I got rid of the global variables and reduced the size down to 563 bytes!

    For the new script and the demo pages, check out addDOMLoadEvent.

    Update [Aug. 19, 2007]: Now the script preserves any existing window.onload function, and also executes functions instantly when called after the page has already loaded. But now the compressed version is a hefty 617 bytes.

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    1. Ash at 9:10am on August 17, 2007

    Great script, something that the browsers should have supported natively in the first place.

    It works well in Firefox, but I'm facing some strange issues in IE.

    I tested the new compressed script in IE6 and it triggers a "document.getElementById() is null or not an object" error. The old uncompressed script doesn't return this error.

    Also, in both the scripts (old & new), the target function is called twice for some reason, and its not invoking the function after DOM load but rather after the images. So something is broken in IE6 I reckon. Any clues?

    Btw, I'm running IE 6.0.2900 on Windows XP SP2.

    2. Ash at 11:31am on August 17, 2007

    Adding to my previous msg: the above problems occur on a page with an iframe (Google Adsense Ad), if that help's diagnosing it.

    3. Jesse Skinner at 8:23am on August 19, 2007

    @Ash - I made some improvements to the script, test it out and see if it things are better. It now preserves the window.onload function. I didn't add the workaround for an iframe with setTimeout, because I'm worried it could create problems in some scenarios (it feels hacky as you admit and I don't know under what circumstances it'll become problematic).

    4. Daniel Hertz at 12:18pm on August 28, 2007

    Would it be possible to put the version (revision) numbers and dates in the code and on your blog? That way I know which version of addDOMLoadEvent I'm using.

    Thanks for sharing this JS with us...it's very helpful!

    Daniel Hertz, Founder

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